lenas gespenster, video, 2007

Video (35 min), Moskau / Samara, 2007
Lenas ghosts is an evaluation of the post-communist condition. This project questions the aftermath of that political and cultural vision. The Soviet Unions founding father, deceased 80 years ago, conjures a time of turmoil, revolt, and the Red Terror. Lenin’s ghost haunts not only the museum which bears his name in Volgograd, but also our consciousness. Today what is left of the social utopia where community spirit and the integrity of individuals supposedly reigned? What of the critique of capitalism? Does anyone still believe in Heaven on Earth?

interview partner: Prof. Juri Ivanovitch Denisov-Nikolsky, Maya Alexandra Obratsowa, Vladimir Ivanovitch Tyurin-Avinsky; translator/tour guide: Alexander Filyuta

videostills, Lenas Gespenster

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