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texts / works / 2012

finger in the pie, bankleer, Sternberg Press, Berlin 2012


Edited by bankleer, Karin Kasböck & Christoph Maria Leitner, Texts by Nataša Ilic (WHW), Daniela Stöppel, Diedrich Diederichsen, Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), Dietrich Heißenbüttel

bankleer´s works and projects are distinguished by the use of an exceptionally wide range of media and formats and the employment of different formal languages. The group’s activities defy easy classification and assignment: the spectrum extends from performances in public space and video installations, through sculptures and drawings, to editorial and curatorial projects. Almost all their works share an immediate reference to political and social developments, addressing current issues from a perspective defined by bankleer’s anti-capitalist views and their critique of economic structures. This monograph features in depth essays on the collective’s work as well as an annotated image section, which highlights bankleer’s recent projects and deployments.

Design by Till Sperrle

March 2012, English/German,

Sternberg Press21 x 27.5 cm,

224 pages, 414 color and 75 b/w ill.,


ISBN 978-3-943365-01-6€25.00