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performances / works / 2002

fit for flexploitation

fit for flexploitation, performative installation and video (19 min.), Aktionsgalerie Lothringer 13, Munich 2002

fit for flexploitation addresses the alliance between business and fitness. Darwinist values, forms of training, terrorizing business lingo, and sports are linked up with a trainingcamp on the edge of an anti-globalisation summit. bankleer condenses and gives new meaning to fitness programs used by super-managers for career optimization purposes.

We adopt the sleekness and assertiveness of the new super-manager type in order to counter the brutal social Darwinism that reaches deep into society and completely penetrates subjects. In fit for flexploitation – workshops we practice a dissident use of these techniques and our own economic resistance.

Installationsansicht, Aktionsgalerie Lothringer 13, München, 2002

Videostills, fit for flexploitation, 19.00 min, 2002