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performances / works / 2020


Video for the virtual, happening, performance – The Trojan Donkey, 2020

Reflection on a hedge as a border whose exterior space has been lost. With the elimination of the outside space the perception of one’s own self is questioned. What initially brings insecurity for our self-care deepens at the same time the view into the inner self, a barrierless space. Where does the outside begin and where does the self end? The role of demaractions is viewed from a different perspective.

The text is inspired by texts from Samuel Beckett, Monika Rinck and the poem “Throw through the birds” by Rainer Maria Rilke

Voice and translation: Josepha Conrad

The Trojan Donkey, curated by Amin Gulgee, Adam Fahy-Majeed and Sara Vaqar Pagganwala on the 25th of April

The Trojan Donkey