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performances / works / 2007

lenas gespenster, part II, 2007


Videoinstallation, Moskau/Samara/Berlin/Dresden 2007

Lena’s ghost is a kind of comprehensive review on post-Communism. A project that questions the remnants of a political-cultural experiment. Lenin, dead for more than 80 years, has caused unrest, revolt and the Red Terror. His ghost haunts not only the in the Lenin Museum in Samara, but also in the minds of many people who today face the question of what is left of the social utopias where community spirit and the integrity of individuals supposedly reigned? In a second step, we are looking for utopian, artistic-political communities founded on a common radical confession and often settled in inaccessible places such as islands or mountains. Utopian communities that do not harmonize with the dominant mainstream and therefore have no chance of being accepted by the public. The historical reference point for this are social-socialist movements around 1900, the artists’ colony Monte Verità and Lenin’s stay there.