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texts / 2019

publikation RE:EDEN

Neue Blicke auf die älteste Reformsiedlung Deutschlands, bankleer, Dietrich Heißenbüttel and re:form.e.V. jovis Verlag, Berlin, 2019

The Berlin founders of the Eden cooperative housing estate reacted to the ecological and social challenges of industrialization with a counter model: living close to nature near the city, enabled through cooperative land ownership. The housing estate became a role model for the German garden city movement and a paradigm for an early alternative culture, until National Socialism, the GDR and the trust-led post-reunification period increasingly restricted its freedom.
The basic principles of the cooperative—life reform, land reform, economic reform—are as relevant as ever. In the publication Re:Eden, leading experts, contemporary artists, partici-pating residents, and young architects dedicate themselves to the 125-year-old housing co-operative and pose new questions: what role can the Eden model still play today as a coop-eratively held property? How could local knowledge feed into dialog about new movements such as urban gardening, eco villages, new cooperatives, residential models, or solidary eco-nomic initiatives? How can participative art affect communities and give spatial expression to their wishes and interests?

Contributors: Anja Neumann, Dietrich Heißenbüttel, Erik Göngrich, Waltraud Eisenberger, Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page, Institute of Architecture/TU Berlin, Stephan Dillemuth, Christina Glanz, Team DIS+KO & Hannnes Langguth & Nina Pawlicki, Milosz Paul Rosinski & Nina Prader, Thomas Fiedler and bankleer.

Gestaltung Till Sperrle 

jovis Verlag, 146 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-86859-587-1



13. Juni, PROpm, mit Dietrich Heißenbüttel und Hannes Langguth

Almstadttstraße 48-50, 10119 Berlin


12. Mai, Kreuzberger Salon, mit Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page

Fontanepromenade 3, 10967 Berlin


9. Mai, Stadtbibliothek Oranienburg, mit Anja Neumann, Thomas Fiedler und DIS+KO

Schloßplatz 2, 16515 Oranienburg