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works / 2012

rage de passage


Installation, Video (6.40 min), Pariser Platz, Berlin, 2011

Background of this work is the development of Western democracies toward a consensus policy of the center, with no real confrontation. We share the opinion of Simon Critchley, that anger and outrage offer basically  the chance to open up the space for something new and get exposed to fight for a political majority.

There are many reasons, … the unjust financial system, the displacement and marginalization of poor populations, the unjust social order ….

The place of serious engagement is the representative urban space that gets constantly rebuild and increasingly under control. This alteration is characterized by the widespread use of glass facades.

Glass facades suggest that everything is transparent, lucent, open, controlled – and visible. The viewable workplace becomes a stage or a permanent commercial. Hidden are the exploitative global division of labor and the working conditions in developing countries, or labor disputes. The vision management allows an inclusion of the gaze with simultaneous exclusion of the body. In this visually permeable but spatially separated architecture may only circulate the aesthetic glance – the physical access is denied. We are particularly interested in this simultaneity of inclusion and exclusion, that this visualization works by putting out of sight, which realities fall by the wayside and how this boundary can be physically experienced.