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texts / 2005

reale reste, publication, 2005

REALE RESTE, german/english, publication, ISBN 3-937476-44-X

This publication is part of the film project REALE RESTE / REAL REMNANTS – an application of the central theses of Slavoj Zizek’s The Ticklish Subject to the neoliberal economy. We make use of the archetype of the zombie as it has entered into cultural memory via Homer’s Odyssey , Haitian voodoo and Hollywood movies, in our quest for a direct confrontation with true universality – which Zizek sees as represented in the excluded. REALE RESTE / REAL REMNANTS wants to make visible what is excluded in all-inclusive post-politics [Agamben/Rancière ] and how this excluded dimension can be politically realized in a new way. The contributions by Tobias Hering and Michaela Wünsch accompany the project and make up the theoretical frame of reference for REALE RESTE / REAL REMNANTS.

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