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performances / works / 2017

the think


sculptural performance in collaboration with patric catani, karachi biennale 2017, NJV school building, pakistan, 10.22. – 11.05.17

From the growl of the Milky Way a meteorite falls on the ground. A fragment from an unknown space in which we are clueless poking – crashes into the urban space of Karachi. It is the arrival of something strange that comes  from a placelessness, bodylessness and impartiality. From a space in which no opinion prevails and which exceeds our imagination. A nothing that makes us all indiscriminately to strangers.


Performer: Erum Bashir and Shahjahan Narejo; Music and sound by patric catani
The projekt is enabled by Goethe Institut, IFA , Senatsverwaltung Berlin and Vasl Residency; Special thanks to Stefan Winkler and Huma Tassawar