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works / 2010

theater of peace


Peace and Visibility in an Asymmetrical World, Project of the NGBK, Berlin 2010
Project Group Theater of Peace / curatorial Team: bankleer, Anke Hagemann, Dietrich Heißenbüttel, Gunda Isik

Every day, theaters of war around the world are at the center of media attention. Working for peace on the other hand is unspectacular, slow, and not very appealing. How can a place, an initiative, an artistic work become a theater of peace? What alternative perspectives can be used to counter asymmetrical conditions of visibility? Is it even possible to make peace visible, to represent it?

The exhibition brings together artistic and activist strategies that make visible the hidden stories behind the different scenes of crisis around the world, intervene into public discourse, and resist the logic of war.

We understand the Theater of Peace project as an intersection in space and time allowing the participating initiatives, activists, and artists to remain connected beyond the exhibition itself. We have created a website to function as a platform of exchange, mapping theaters of peace around the world.