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performances / works / 2016

tohuubassbuuh #8


23. bis 29. MaiCitizen Art Days 2016, in the former Stasi-Zentrale (stasi museum and NUK Ruschestr. 103-104) in Berlin-Lichtenberg

In cooperation with the musician and composer Paul Wolff and residents of the emergency shelter for refugees in the Ruschestraße 103/104, bankleers worked out the songs for the Tohubassbuuh.
In the historic officer’s office of the former Ministry of National Security, as an ambiguous place on the part of the SED dictatorship and, on the other hand, the Peaceful Revolution, visitors can try out their participation and participation in shaping the common public on the spot with artistic methods. Citizen Art Days means actively shaping the city, bringing in own ideas on important questions from today, sharing experiences and inspiring each other.


Alle zusammen

aus der Ruschestraße

Paul Wolf
residents of the emergency shelter Ruschestraße

Citizen Art Days is a  projekt from the art collectiv  Parallele Welten consisting of Stefan Krüskemper, María Linares and Kerstin Polzin