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works / 2011

twilight kino predlice


Video, Outdoor Kino, Usti nad Labem/Aussig, 2011

Twilight Cinema Předlice is a temporary outdoor cinema in Předlice. The neighborhood called Předlice is situated on the outskirts of Ústí nad Labem and almost inhabited by Romas. For the exhibition “The Art of Urban Intervention” two musicvideo clips were originated incollaboration with the community of Předlice.

The existence in this neighborhood is dominated by the absence of the state, the lack of a perspective and a culture of corruption and apathy. This work is sponsored by the Art and Design Faculty of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně and Emil Filla Gallery as part of exhibition THE ART OF URBAN INTERVENTION.



glücksökonomie,minderheit in mehrheit
videos (3.25 + 4,28  min), Usti nad Labem/Aussig, 2011

music: Ondřej Darvaš

actor: Maruška Darvašová