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performances / works / 2018

umwölkte utopie


Sculptural performance, re-eden, Eden, Oranienburg, September 22, 2018

The performance deals with the current situation of the fruit orchard Eden, which has gradually lost a necessary future vision. It is an attempt to think of the changeability of the world from the top view of a dangling apple. It is a utopian who lingers on constellations that go beyond obstacles and blockades.

“Should I one day, here we go, have just stayed there, instead of dangling down following an old habit, to spend day and night as far away from myself as possible, seeking out a vastness between yes and no, which I looked at from above, a place where the indecision of the world interlocks with the indecision of the individual, to start again from nowhere, no one and nothing, to get here anew, on new paths, but always in the cloudy….”

Motifs and sentences from the following works were used for the text: Samuel Beckett: Molloy and Der Namenlose, Joseph Vogl: Über das Zaudern, Friedericke Mayröcker: Lesebuch and Birte Löschenkohl: Freiheit und Wiederholung

Actress Lina Krüger