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works / 2021

unsteady void

film, 32 min, Roma 2021

In the video essay, two teenagers, with the feeling of incomplete commonality with the world, roam Rome. They are aware that their vocabulary is not enough to formulate a bright future perspective. They playfully and experimentally search for the reality, formative effects of ideas, words and actions.They set out with a willingness to put themselves in the very other, to adopt attitudes and try out voices they do not yet know. To overcome the distance to the urban space and its things … through the silly, the overstrained, the poetic, the indeterminate, the crude.
Their instruments are an oversized megaphone, imagination, openness and their bodies. Their bodies act in different situations with the urban space and play around the borders of things, meanings and words.
unsteady void

a film by bankleer, 32 min., Roma 2021

actors Sara Mennella and Giorgia Narcisi
musik and sound Patric Catani

cameras Luca Matteucci and Hiago Miscia
sound Giulia Bella
mask Eleonora Sergio
mastering Mauro Matteucci
post production Luca Matteucci
regie assistent Adriano Napoleoni
team Villa Massimo: Agnese Picari, Julia Trolp, Barbara De Santis, Dennis Päschel, Allessandro Luzzi, Giuliano Lefter and Alessandro Gargiulo

Produced and enabled by Deutsche Akademie Villa Massimo under the director Julia Draganovic. In the framework of Hidden Histories organised by Sara Alberani and Valerio del Baglivo

The film is inspired by texts from: Armen Avenessian, Jane Benett, Don DeLillo, Pope Franzis, Anke Hennig, Bruno Latour, Monika Rinck, Joseph Vogl and Slavoy Zizek