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works / 2003


installation, clips, films and panel on the structural militarization ofmedia + presentation of black hawk around , video (13.40 min.) together withhybridvideotracks, Hamburger Kunsthalle, videoclub 99, 2003

social movements and critical media more than ever are dependent on acquiring professional techniques in order to be heard. on the other hand, not only multi national companies and lobbyists rely on the know-how of globally active public relations agents. more and more even governmental and military institutions make use of pr support. while the rendon group supports the us government in selling their so called „war on terror“ to the
islamic world, and advises pentagon’s office of strategic information responsible for target misinformation, bin laden’s family also makes use of renowned pr agencies in order to save their organization’s reputation.

black hawk around, video (13.40 min.)
this dokufiktional video questions the information and the images produced during war. the role of private pr agencies is highlighted as well as the discrepancy between an increasingly abstract war reporting and hollywood’s contemporary hyper-realist war movies.


videostills, blackhawkdown, 13.40 min, berlin 2002