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texts / 2005

where work ends and mission begins, publication, 2005

where work ends and mission begins, german/english, book,
ISBN 3-937158-01-4

The publication shows artistic experiments bankleer has initiated since 2001 in Berlin, Stuttgart, Istanbul and Bombay to encourage the expansion and reevaluation of the concept of work. In addition to insights into the artistic practice of bankleer, the volume offers supplementary reflections from bankleer, Judith Fischer, Dietrich Heißenbüttel, Karolina Jeftic, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Holger Kube Ventura, Jürgen Lang, Matthias Reichelt, Peter Thiessen, Tina Veihelmann and Mag Wombel on the issues of economy and the idea of work – a literary adventure that makes this political field accessible.