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performances / works / 2014

sleepy hollows / tohubassbuuh


Performance/Installation, 45 min, Spreetreppen am Reichstagsufer, im Rahmen der Ausstellung im Rahmen der Ausstellung The Pioneers Movement, District, Berlin, 2014

The piece Sleepy hollows (2013) locates the body at the center of the problem of understanding the destructive force of financial markets today.

It sets out from the premise that Francis Fukuyama’s 1992 thesis of an end of history after the fall of the ‘iron curtain’, supposedly giving way to a global rule of liberal democracy plus market capitalism, in fact amounts to a blackout of democracy in the face of a techno-capitalistic rule of a global financial regime. But how to make it tangible? bankleer makes fragmented pieces of the monumentalized bodies of polical and economical leaders, as well as of a historical rebel, the agents of their performance, having them move around and bounce against another and into the audience: talking heads as dismantled figureheads – depicted with a mean allusion to Socialist Realism – of a logic still well and alive. On the other hand, it gives corporeality to capital, adressing its disfiguring tendency, throwing organs around while trying to make you believe the existence of an ‘invisible hand’. To get rid of that fetishized capitalist bodypart, bankleer’s piece seems to indicate, we have to make the body itself the domain of our fight.
Daniel Falb

Schauspieler_innen: Lina Krüger, Jakob Beubler und Robin Krakowski.
Plastikerinnen der Maxim Gorki Theaterwerkstätten: Franziska Toffel, Gianna Petkow (Leitung: Marcus Trettau),
Sound: Thomas Leboeg,
Soundrecording: Stefan Langfeld,
Kamera: William Nicholson
Foto: Louis Haugh
Sprecher: Konstantinos Patrinos
und Frauke Hehl die das Tohubassbuuh Rad durch das Regierungsviertel steuert

District Berlin

Ein Projekt in Kooperation mit Maxim Gorki-Theater,
gefördert durch die Stiftung Kunstfonds.